Frequently asked questions

News Feed

What is the news feed section all about?

The news feed section is our main page of this website. Our news feed section picks up news from different sources and will display them altogether on this page so that users can stay updated to the latest streetwear releases and collaborations. We hope that this will bring convenience to everyone and this will be the only page one will need to refer for any streetwear news in the future.


What is StreetRep?

StreetRep is a forum we build on our website to engage people who are interested to form a streetwear community in Singapore. We realized that there are many people who are interested in streetwear but there has not been a community where people can actually discuss, share news and also sell their grails online except for a few facebook groups which are pretty much scattered.

StreetCred is created only for people who seek to be a part of a community. We will be generating topics and articles frequently to keep this community purposeful. In one of our forum named "hyped court", it is created for people to report any unpleasant dealings like scams, frauds or any situations they might have experienced online eg. facebook groups, carousell etc. We hope to engage the community to be the judge and we will be able to list down the identities of these undesirable dealers in our forum. All our members will have access to this list and we hope this will keep everyone informed of which dealers to stay away from in the future.

How do I post on StreetRep?

To post anything on StreetRep, you will have to create a new account on StreetRep. Log in to your StreetRep account and you may start participating in any threads.

Creating an account (Recommended to use your Facebook account)